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The MEDIEVAL realm - set in the 1400s, a place of mystery, rural landscapes & adventure.
This realm brings a bunch of changes, features & performance improvements using lessons we've learnt from our Pirate realm (Season 8).

We may be encountering some new NPCs and features from what you have suggested in the past, but we're bound to add more based on your feedback!
To suggest something, join our Discord Server and type !suggest <suggestion> in the #bots channel.

We've also made a bunch of changes to some core parts of our server. We've decided to take a shot at banning insiding again, along with other major tweaks including a new factions core. We'll publish more information over the course of the next week about this, but we've implemented the most suggested features submitted by you guys.

Medieval Realm - Start of the World...

Ahoy, mateys!
Get ready, it's time to set sail on our new Pirate Realm which has just dropped on TimelessReborn!
We've packed in a bunch of features, suggestions and changes to the server which we hope you'll enjoy, and you can find more about these by reading on!

-= What's New? =-
We've added a bunch of user requested features to the server, have a look:

Printer Mode
For the Hardcore players who love using Schematica to build your base, we've added Printer Mode to the server, which can be toggled with /printer - it allows you to automatically purchase blocks through Printer using our shop. You do not need a donor rank to do this, and it's something which will hopefully be beneficial for you when building your base!

Horizontal Gen-Buckets...​
Ahoy mateys!
Check out our Pirate Realm Trailer which is out now!

Ahoy, mateys! Weigh anchor, and get ready for th' TimelessReborn Season 8 "Pirate" realm!
Season 8 is one of our biggest realms yet, with new features, a brand new and exciting map, heavily requested updates, optimisations and more!

Launch Date
We're excited to be launching the Pirate Realm on the 15th June, 2019 for all players! Set sail then on our new realm, and get ready to explore our new features, updates and realm...

Suggest Changes!
Join our Discord (button on left) to suggest features by heading to our #suggestions channel, or post a thread in the Suggestions & Features category on our forums!

Season 7
Season 7 (Jurassic) will be ending 3 days before Season 8 launches, on June 12th.

New Forum Theme
In preparation for our new realm, and because the forums looked gross before, we've installed a new theme on our forums! This theme is prettier, easier to use...
We've done something new 🤔

Our Jurassic Realm has now gone live! We've added a heap of stuff, with heaps of new features & exciting stuff.

  • Gears
    Gears are items which can remove Enchantments (Normal & Custom) from your items, giving you an enchantment book for them.

    Get gears through in-game shops or through our store -
  • Shields
    Shields look similar to Gears, and go hand in hand with them!

  • Voting
    You can now vote for the server with /vote! By voting, you get:
    • $5000 in-game money
    • 15 McMMO credits
    • 1 Common Engram
  • Vote Parties
    Vote Parties! Woo! -rave music-
    We've added Vote Parties to the server, where every 150 votes, everyone gets a Rare Engram, and we may do cool...

The world as we know it has come to an end.
Fight for survival, team up with "allies" and "friends",
and maybe... just maybe... you'll come out alive.
Hey guys!

Sorry for not posting an update on the forums in aaages, but we've got some information, incase you've missed it:
We're launching our Post-Apocalyptic Realm on the 1st of December!

Launch times:
1PM Mountain Standard Time [West Coast]
2PM Central Time [Central America]
3PM Eastern Standard Time [East Coast]
8PM Greenwich Mean Time [UK]
9PM Central European Time [Germany, Italy, Slovakia etc.]

What's new?
We're offering a brand new map (built by @Isabella), and heaps of new features for you to use. Here's just a few, with more to be announced on the full release:
  • New Custom Enchants
  • New wall algorithms
    • That's just a fancy way of saying "we're making sure walls don't...
Season 4 is now live!

This is a reset season, essentially going to a relaunch of the Season 3 Map. New features and content will be seen for our Post-Apocalyptic realm, opening on December 1st.

You can connect now at

We've published an article in our Staff Information section which can definitely be of use to all staff members, whether current or future.

Click Continue to read about it.

With constant requests for a new season of the server, we're excited to announce a few new things and updates, along with Season Three!

Custom Enchants
Before we talk about Season Three, we've now compiled a list of custom enchants that can be seen here - and we're working hard to patch any broken/dodgy custom enchants, already having deployed about 15-20 CE fixes. See these coming out over the next few days, along with the August Event.


Season Three
We've decided to switch things up a bit, we're no longer going to use the Armageddon Realm that many of you are used to. We're going to go for the Futuristic realm, with heaps of cool futuristic-y things attached with this theme.

I'm not exactly sure at this time what will be included with the futuristic-y stuff, but we're doing a few unique things, custom items, and cool stuff like that.



Hey ho! We’ve been doing some tech tests throughout July, from Dave to Quests to EXP Engrams to Admin Keys. We’re also constantly trying to improve our server and implement more exciting more new tech. We’re planning an event that’s set to run through August, starting within the first week of it. It’s gonna be cool, to say the least, featuring a custom map, MMO style interface, and so much cool stuff that will run throughout August and much later.

Some people may have noticed for instance we sold a “Quest Pack” on Dave – this was a tech demo for something that may be featured in the event. We’re also testing the tech for dave’s shop creating a new and more enhanced experience, with heaps of new items and similar stuff being added.

The genre – as decided by you guys on a discord poll – is sci-fi for the map, being built by Isabella...
Hey hey hey hey ho!

Happy Saturday, schools out for good for most people now, so we thought we'd push something cool.

First things first, we've added a lot of custom enchants to the server (about 30), which can all be obtained through EXP Engrams.

EXP Engrams
Finally! We added in EXP Engrams, which you can find by the charged creeper at spawn by the enchanting table.

Have fun getting the exclusive enchants!

Admin Keys
While this has been out for a week, it's worth mentioning you can now purchase admin keys on our store!

Dealer Dave
Dealer Dave is a guy who has some interesting deals on a daily basis. He automatically restocks at midnight BST every day, with new loot and exciting stuff!

Be careful, Dave may have some sick items or some bad deals, you can buy via McMMO or in-game money, based on what...
Hi guys! It’s been a while since I’ve done a forum announcement. I’m doing this post mainly as an apology to all of you and Isabella.
I’ve been not focusing as much time as I should be on our servers – Timeless and Titan Reborn. I’m truly sorry for this and it’s nothing that you should expect or accept from me. I’m going to change this, and I’m working hard to try to promote and fix as much stuff as I can with this upcoming weekend.
I have been focusing on a sideproject we are doing way too much when we had main projects we had to focus on, and this isn’t fair to you guys.
I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again – I’m so grateful for everything that you all have done for us, and your support and activity has been nothing short of amazing. I’m hoping this forum post can clear up any frequently asked questions or issues players may have.
If I haven’t covered anything, shoot me a DM on Discord or reply here and I’ll get back to you with an answer to it.

What’s going on with...
Hey all,
As you likely know, up to now the server has been quite buggy and laggy. Up to now, we've been actively fixing these, but we want to get you guys on a new server with all that stuff fixed.

When will this be happening?
We will be resetting the server on 28th June at:

00:00 (12AM) - CEST (France, Germany etc)
15:00 (3PM) - MST (Arizona etc)
17:00 (5PM) - Central Time USA (Texas etc)
18:00 (6PM) - Eastern Time (New York, New Jersey etc)
23:00 (11PM) - BST (United Kingdom)

What will and will not reset?
Will Reset - Will not reset
  • The factions database (all factions will be deleted)
  • The entire map
  • All player inventories
  • All timevaults
  • Enderchests
  • Ranks
  • [COLOR=rgb(184, 49...

Hey ho neighbourino!
Updates are here!

We've done quite a few updates and will be doing a lot more this month, and we want to share some of them that we've added and are adding!
You guys asked for it, so we added it! We've implemented a Jackpot NPC with three tiers, and a Coinflip NPC!

The Jackpot NPC has a pretty GUI, with three tiers of different values

  • Iron/Yellow - Low Jackpot
    • Entry cost: $100-$800
  • Gold/Green - Medium Jackpot
    • Entry cost: $1000-8000
  • Diamond/Purple - High Jackpot
    • Entry cost: $10000-80000

We're aware of the lag issues right now on the server and are running diagnostics throughout the day to try to fix it.

Thanks for your continued support,
Phil and Isabella
We get many questions regarding rank transfers from the old TimelessPvP server. Unfortunately, we cannot give the old ranks back. We are a completely different server, and we need to make money for the server to stay up. Very sorry. However, the prices for the donator ranks have lowered. If you're interested in purchasing one, be sure to check our store.
Join our Timeless Reborn Discord server to see announcements on when we begin a sale. See below for a quick preview of the donator rank perks:

- The best Donor rank with a lot of commands, perks and kits. Cost: $64.99
Timelord - /fly ftw. Cost: $49.99
Chrono - Lots of sethomes, change the time of the day, lots of money and power levels! Cost: $29.99
Voyager - Sethomes, Feed yourself without food, fix things, sell things in your hands, silk touch those spawners, free...
Hello Timeless Reborn community,
First of all, I'd like to thank each and every single one of you for an amazing first week! We are baffled at the amount of support we got from you lot!
Alright, now to the main point of this thread:

I'm proud to announce that the 4 new members have been chosen. Give a warm welcome to @ZaneKiryu, @Caspxr, @Longform, and @TasteMehBlade! Can't wait to work along side you guys.
Due to us choosing, applications are now CLOSED. If you didn't get chosen this time, don't worry. There's always next time. ETA for that is N/A.

Thank you, and congratulations,
Timeless Reborn Team