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Admin Keys, EXP Engrams & Dave the Dealer


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Hey hey hey hey ho!

Happy Saturday, schools out for good for most people now, so we thought we'd push something cool.

First things first, we've added a lot of custom enchants to the server (about 30), which can all be obtained through EXP Engrams.

EXP Engrams
Finally! We added in EXP Engrams, which you can find by the charged creeper at spawn by the enchanting table.

Have fun getting the exclusive enchants!

Admin Keys
While this has been out for a week, it's worth mentioning you can now purchase admin keys on our store!

Dealer Dave
Dealer Dave is a guy who has some interesting deals on a daily basis. He automatically restocks at midnight BST every day, with new loot and exciting stuff!

Be careful, Dave may have some sick items or some bad deals, you can buy via McMMO or in-game money, based on what item is on sale!
If you want to check out dave, make sure you do it daily for the best deals, and today only (7th July), you can get a Dave's Book - it's expensive but very powerful!

Thanks for supporting us, and we hope you enjoy these updates

Phil & Isabella