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August Event, Store Update, New Tech Tests


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Hey ho! We’ve been doing some tech tests throughout July, from Dave to Quests to EXP Engrams to Admin Keys. We’re also constantly trying to improve our server and implement more exciting more new tech. We’re planning an event that’s set to run through August, starting within the first week of it. It’s gonna be cool, to say the least, featuring a custom map, MMO style interface, and so much cool stuff that will run throughout August and much later.

Some people may have noticed for instance we sold a “Quest Pack” on Dave – this was a tech demo for something that may be featured in the event. We’re also testing the tech for dave’s shop creating a new and more enhanced experience, with heaps of new items and similar stuff being added.

The genre – as decided by you guys on a discord poll – is sci-fi for the map, being built by Isabella which is gonna be sick! We’re working on enhancing our PVP experience as much as possible with designated areas in the map. We’re also trying brand new algorithms on our server with some interactive NPCs throughout this event, all of which have their own unique personality and how much they like you.

Upon joining the event, you’ll be asked to take a quiz before doing anything. This lets us determine your personality in the best way we can, and then create a unique story-mode type of experience in an almost MMO twist that is completely unique for you in terms of the pattern of which we’d give quests to you.

The event has a heap of new custom enchantments coming with it, along with patches for current ones. We’re trying hard to reduce lag with this update too, optimising as many plugins as we can to allow this to happen. We’ll release some sneak peaks in the events channel on Discord when more information is available!

We've also updated our store with a few new packages and a new User Interface! This should give you a better experience when using our store, and personally, we do think it looks really cool!

We're also working hard to enhance the PVP experience by doing more "tech tests" on plugin optimisation - stay tuned for that.

Thanks so much for the support, and we hope to have more exciting news out soon!