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Ban appeal

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IGN: CykoticHDz

Reason for ban Not entirely sure because im not getting any answers and getting ignored it is 20days long and 12 days left on the ban

why i should be unbanned because i have broken no rules to my knowledge and every time i try to talk it out Phil always says "Im to busy" or "i dont want to" in this case i believe this is disrespectful towards mean, i know i disrespected phil i had apologised. furthermore discord is completed unrelated to the network and if phil has a problem with me using that kind of language towards him discord has ways to deal with this, i believe that phil has abused His fail safes and even admitted as such.

Anything else id like to add:
Make your rules clear and easy to find when i was banned which was on the 03/04/19 originally for 20 hours the rules was not on the forums and i did not know where the rules where, the rules later became available on the forums on the 06/04/19 So if their is such thing as unfairness a cording to what went down did not brake any rules to deserve a 20 day ban, this was the first time i had done this, hacking for the first time is a 2day ban, if their is anything else i have missed phil, i would like to hear it and please dont disrespect me. what goes around comes around.
Evidence Provided:


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Content no longer relevant : Punishments have expired
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