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Carepackages, Jackpots & Double McMMO Weekend


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Hey ho neighbourino!
Updates are here!

We've done quite a few updates and will be doing a lot more this month, and we want to share some of them that we've added and are adding!
You guys asked for it, so we added it! We've implemented a Jackpot NPC with three tiers, and a Coinflip NPC!

The Jackpot NPC has a pretty GUI, with three tiers of different values

  • Iron/Yellow - Low Jackpot
    • Entry cost: $100-$800
  • Gold/Green - Medium Jackpot
    • Entry cost: $1000-8000
  • Diamond/Purple - High Jackpot
    • Entry cost: $10000-80000

To enter, click the Jackpot NPC at spawn, click the jackpot you want to enter and then select how much you want to enter yourself in! The higher you pay, the higher the chance you have of winning.

The Coinflip NPC has been out for a bit longer, but is a great way to make quick money (but be careful!)

You can choose how much you enter, then any player can take up your bet - you can walk away with all of it, or none of it.

To get started, click the Coinflip NPC at the top of the sand mountain thingy at spawn!

We added a nice amount of WarZone loot into the crates, including Custom Enchant Books, Less Negative Pot Effects and a lot more!
We're also adding a heap more over the next week, so keep an eye out for that!

As some of you may have noticed we had a day of downtime this week - we're really sorry about that, but we're now happy to announce we've fully migrated to our own hosting, now located in a faster datacenter and provided by OVH! The CPU(Central Processing Unit) is a much higher quality CPU than our old host, and we have a much higher RAM count to allow maximum performance with minimal lag across our network.

Thanks for sticking with us and for all of the positive feedback, and we're excited to announce some cool stuff we're working on in a few days time!​