Cry 😢

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Apr 20, 2018
Just seeing titanmc is also back makes me just more sad... I’m legit crying rn.... I had wise guy on classic prison and I had bpick..... also my mom just said she’s not gonna buy anything for me on this server..... :cry::cry::cry::cry: so basically I lost voyager and super saiyan and wise guy and a bunch of engrams and spawners and bpick.... at least the ranks r cheaper now..... voyager used to be $30 now it’s 15... I remember I once meant to buy mortal on ice age but I accidentally bought it on Armageddon (I already had voyager on Armageddon) and I got deupgraded! And I had to buy voyager again so I used $60 on voyager! I was supposed to have chrono! So I lost 60+50+40+25+25 money....I’m quite sad 😢 rn.... That’s $250 I lost there.... I got the ranks for my birthday... 😢 😢 well bye everyone 😢......