Important Donator Rank Transfers

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Wumbology Expert
CheatCode Staff
Mar 30, 2018
We get many questions regarding rank transfers from the old TimelessPvP server. Unfortunately, we cannot give the old ranks back. We are a completely different server, and we need to make money for the server to stay up. Very sorry. However, the prices for the donator ranks have lowered. If you're interested in purchasing one, be sure to check our store.
Join our Timeless Reborn Discord server to see announcements on when we begin a sale. See below for a quick preview of the donator rank perks:

- The best Donor rank with a lot of commands, perks and kits. Cost: $64.99
Timelord - /fly ftw. Cost: $49.99
Chrono - Lots of sethomes, change the time of the day, lots of money and power levels! Cost: $29.99
Voyager - Sethomes, Feed yourself without food, fix things, sell things in your hands, silk touch those spawners, free diamonds! Cost: $14.99
Mortal - Set homes, silk touch those spawners, No cooldown on /tpa, 2 items on /ah, change your time, clear your inventory Cost: $7.49

Note: All donor ranks have all the ranks below thems perks, so Elder has perks from Mortal, Voyager, Chrono and Timelord, and Chrono has Voyager and Mortal.
(But please note that they don't get the kits below them)

Thank you,
Timeless Reborn Team
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