Dragon_Gifteds Helper Application

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Sep 6, 2018
Name: Dragon_Gifted

In-Game name: Dragon_Gifted

Discord name: Dragon_Gifted#2477

Whereabouts: Germany (Bavaria), CET

Why do you want to join our staff team?
I would sincerely like to the join the staff team of TimelessReborn because I feel like I would be able to affect the server in a very positive manner. I have played Timeless since the Armageddon Realm was first released, I then continued to play it up until the last day it was up. I had my fair share of experiences and getting to know players and the community on the server and I believe I could carry over my experience and general knowledge of the server and it's community over to TimelessReborn. I see quite often that there are times later at night and early mornings where there are no staff on and rules are broken. I'm very active and can be on everyday unless something comes up. If I was a part of this staff team I'd hope to be able to fill up those gaps where the other members of the staff team are not on. In general, I feel like If I became a member of the TimelessReborn staff team I could have a very positive impact on the server and with my general knowledge of the the community, the server and the gamemode of factions I could help out players and keep the server a place where everyone can enjoy themselves. Overall, I would like to be a member of the TimelessReborn staff team to help contribute to the greatness and growth of this server and keeping it enjoyable for each and every player.

What are things you think you're good at?
I think I'm good at being a member of the staff team on servers in general, I am experienced as a staff member as I was a Moderator on PlayInfinity until I resigned which is now one of the most successful german cracked Servers. I was also a Admin on GommeHD. I was also a member of the staff team on other various smaller servers such as VaroXCraft. I believe my experience as a staff member will allow me to be a valuable member of the staff team if I am to be accepted. . I also believe I am a very quick learner, if there is an aspect of the server that I am unfamiliar with I believe that I could become familiarized with it very quickly with just a little bit of guidance. Also, I am very thorough throughout the server and I have found quite a few bugs/glitches in the server and I have reported them to staff to be fixed to work towards the perfection of TimelessReborn. Overall, I think I'm well rounded in every element of being a staff member and I could be a very excellent member of the staff team.

What are things you think you're not that good at(but might be working on)?

Like I said previously in this application, I am a very quick learner so the things that I'm not good at I could become better at very quickly. I'm generally a pretty well rounded staff member but I do have a few flaws. First, I can sometimes take things less serious than they are supposed to be taken, I tend to joke around a lot but I can easily work on this as I have pretty good self control when It is needed. Second, I can sometimes be too leniant with my punishments, I am a firm believer that disrespect to the server, it's players or it's staff is not to be tolerated, but If i see a few friends or something saying some things in chat to each other that could be taken as disrespectful I might let it slip by just as a habit because I like to allow people I have fun but If it is true disrespect I can work on distinguishing the difference between the two scenarios of just joking around with friends and actual toxicity/disrespect. Finally, I can sometimes be a procrastinator, if I'm assigned to do something It will get done on time, but I may wait till the last moment. Although I am working on improving my time management and I have made great strides in doing so, there is always room for improvement! In conclusion, I have a few flaws that are necessary for you to know when considering me as a staff member and I hope to improve them in the future and make myself the best I can be.

Tell us more about you- who are you, what are your interests, what do you do outside of Minecraft such as at school or sports
I am a 16 year old boy who loves to learn about the Universe and how it is build. I sometimes go outside with a few friends. Playing Minecraft on Timeless or playing CS:GO is one of my most common activities once I am home or whenever I have freetime.

Is there anything else you'd like to tell us?
I am a very active player(meaning I barely sleep), I spend 4-6 hours each day until the weekend hits, once the weekend arrives I am online for around 8-13 hours nonstop, sometimes I am online for several days. You can reach me anytime on discord since I am 24/7 online. . Thank you so much for making this server alive again and putting in so much effort to try to make it as it was back then. I'd also like to thank you for reading and hopefully considering my application.