i used to be timelord

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Dec 19, 2018
Hi so i used to be a timelord on the apocalypse realm, as well as i was a helper for a while and i went under the name of WookieBoyMC. i hyavee had my computer sitting in the corner of my room untouched for the last two years and when i logged back on i realised everything has changed. i would like to get back onto timeless but i don't know what to do about my rank? can i get it back??

I now go by the name zentez. please get back to me thankyou
Dec 31, 2018
If you haven't logged on in 2 years allow me to fill you in:
On the original TimelessPvP, the owners bp5172 and KennyDGP quit. One went to the military and the other got hospitalized if I remember correctly and the server was shut down due to EULA.
Timeless got revived for the first time on LifelessPvP, ranks were able to be transferred but the server never made enough money to stay afloat and was shut down by their owner.
Right after Lifeless, a new server Rebirth was created. It stayed afloat for a decently long time and I actually got Sr Mod on there. But I resigned because I was quitting minecraft and a little bit later later, that server was shut down too due to not making enough profits.
(Take this with a grain of salt because I quit minecraft until 3 weeks ago) Then what I assume happened next was that this server was created by Phil 6 months ago with the original ip Timelesspvp.net, and now that you have returned after 2 years you see this as the original server.

Long story short, Timeless went down and now this server is remaking it. This server doesn't do rank transfers because it needs the money to help it stay afloat. So sorry about your rank, its gone.