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Insided Twice!!! And Threatened!!!

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About a week ago i belonged to a faction named ages which slowly after i became trusted. so the officer ign: sarahthestupid tped me in the base and told me to sell iron so i did and she told me that she told the leader about us selling iron at his base but i soon relised she was a big liar so the leader got pissed so i cause i felt bad gave the faction 10mill and help build a huge ig spawner for them which took a long time and alot of money. then i hoped in to discord with sarah to speak to her about the situation where i apologised and tried to explain to her but she completely disregarded what i was saying and stared swearing and calling me names which i took because i was kinda in the wrong but then it got to the point where she was threatening to ddoss me for 6hours. at that point it went too far and she said she was gonna get me banned so i just left it at that scared not wanting to get ddossed. i then spoke to the owner and i thought we got on good terms as i paid him 10 million and built him a huge ig base but little did i know that the leader had bad intentions the whole time and tped sarahthestupid to my new base that consisted of 20 iron golem spawners and 25squid spawners and alot more loot and insided it when i wasn't online fyi she also insided my first base in revenge that conisted of iron golem spawners and squid spawners and alot of loot. i then jumped on and she i asked her about my base where she confirmed that she insided it. please try and get this sorted as i lost soooooooo much money and time from this situation i dont wished for them to get banned just to get all my items back and my base back and give them a warning so if they do it again there will be further consequences. i would also like to get something that can stop her from ddossing me thanks. hit me up for further information.


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Please create a new appeal with the correct appeal format.
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