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Jun 30, 2018
Hey, Just had a quick suggestion. Right now, there is no caps on mcmmo and now that u can obtain it through mob killing its getting out of hand. FOr instance dragongifted has 5.5k axes., which is super op and literally rapes everyone with no skill required. I propose to put a mcmmo cap on axes and swords. The highest the cap on axes should be is 1k and with swords also. On OG timeless, axes had a cap of 200 but if u want to have it kind of high still just cap it at 1000. Swords at 1000 is a good cap too. Thanks
Jun 30, 2018
Stop bullying me. honestly leave me alone i dont do anything to you you just don't stop it. Just leave me alone please. Im just trying to make the server better why do u always have to be so hateful
Sep 6, 2018
835minecraft, I just want to let you know that, axes on 5.5k is literally almost the same as axes on 1k.
It basically doesn't change how much the McMMo attacks do.

Axe Mastery: Bonus 4 Damage (Increased by 1 + DMG every 50 levels of axes. Meaning, you only need 200 Levels in axes to deal some good damage.)

Armor Impact: Deal 117.66 Bonus DMG to armor

I know what you are probably thinking, that THAT is almost like desecrate. Trust me, it isn't. I consider it as 1 hit = 10 Durability on the Gear. Basically nothing to worry about, normal axes do around 7, doesn't matter how much CE you have on it (besides Desecrate itself) Sharpness V also doesn't change a thing. ( I have never seen it ACTUALLY work, It's up to you how you see it.)

Greater Impact: Deal 2 Bonus DMG to unarmored foes
basically useless :-:

Chance to critically strike: 37.50% (hasn't changed since 1k Axes)
Skull Splitter Length: 118 Seconds
( I guess this one is kind of way too overpowered, but It's good use for grinding. )