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MEDIEVAL Realm - Release Date & Pirate EOTW


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The MEDIEVAL realm - set in the 1400s, a place of mystery, rural landscapes & adventure.
This realm brings a bunch of changes, features & performance improvements using lessons we've learnt from our Pirate realm (Season 8).

We may be encountering some new NPCs and features from what you have suggested in the past, but we're bound to add more based on your feedback!
To suggest something, join our Discord Server and type !suggest <suggestion> in the #bots channel.

We've also made a bunch of changes to some core parts of our server. We've decided to take a shot at banning insiding again, along with other major tweaks including a new factions core. We'll publish more information over the course of the next week about this, but we've implemented the most suggested features submitted by you guys.

Medieval Realm - Start of the World Dates
We'll be launching the Medieval Realm on August 10th, 2019 at the following times:

6PM BST (British Standard Time)
1PM EST (Eastern Time)
12PM CT (Central Time)
10AM MST (Mountain Time)
10AM PDT (Pacific Time)

Pirate Realm - End of the World Dates
We'll be officially ending our Pirate Realm on August 8th 2019 at the times listed above, and we'll be counting /ftop values then - though you can keep playing until 30 minutes before the Medieval Realm opens.

/ftop rewards
Due to numerous issues regarding duplication this season related to lag (which is fixed!), we've decided to slash the /ftop buycraft payouts this season.
They are as follows:
FTOP #1: $75
FTOP #2: $50
FTOP #3: $25
FTOP #4: $10

We hope you've enjoyed the Pirate Realm, and hopefully you're as psyched as we are for the brand new Medieval Realm! If you have any questions, let us know by replying to this thread or asking on our Discord Server (click the icon on the left)
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