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IMPORTANT PIRATE Realm - Release Date & Jurassic Closing Dates


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Ahoy, mateys! Weigh anchor, and get ready for th' TimelessReborn Season 8 "Pirate" realm!
Season 8 is one of our biggest realms yet, with new features, a brand new and exciting map, heavily requested updates, optimisations and more!

Launch Date
We're excited to be launching the Pirate Realm on the 15th June, 2019 for all players! Set sail then on our new realm, and get ready to explore our new features, updates and realm...

Suggest Changes!
Join our Discord (button on left) to suggest features by heading to our #suggestions channel, or post a thread in the Suggestions & Features category on our forums!

Season 7
Season 7 (Jurassic) will be ending 3 days before Season 8 launches, on June 12th.

New Forum Theme
In preparation for our new realm, and because the forums looked gross before, we've installed a new theme on our forums! This theme is prettier, easier to use and less broken. It's based off stock XenForo compared to ThemeHouse's internal theme stuff, so is also easier to work with!

All in all, we're super duper excited to bring Season 8 to you, and we cannot thank you enough for sticking with us and keeping up-to-date with all the TimelessReborn news!