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Post Apocalyptic is Coming!


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The world as we know it has come to an end.
Fight for survival, team up with "allies" and "friends",
and maybe... just maybe... you'll come out alive.
Hey guys!

Sorry for not posting an update on the forums in aaages, but we've got some information, incase you've missed it:
We're launching our Post-Apocalyptic Realm on the 1st of December!

Launch times:
1PM Mountain Standard Time [West Coast]
2PM Central Time [Central America]
3PM Eastern Standard Time [East Coast]
8PM Greenwich Mean Time [UK]
9PM Central European Time [Germany, Italy, Slovakia etc.]

What's new?
We're offering a brand new map (built by @Isabella), and heaps of new features for you to use. Here's just a few, with more to be announced on the full release:
  • New Custom Enchants
  • New wall algorithms
    • That's just a fancy way of saying "we're making sure walls don't become unbreakable via soulsand and such"
  • Faction Fly
    • Type /fly in claimed land, and zoom up into the sky!
    • It won't work, however, if a pesky enemy is nearby!
  • Crop Hoppers
  • Boss Dungeons in the WarZone!
    • This may not be appearing in the initial release of Season 5, but expect it to pop up some time soon
  • Scheduled King of the Hills
  • Nerfed some CEs such as ExplosiveTip
  • Cash Cards have been entirely removed
  • AFK Kicker has been entirely moved
Of course, there's a lot more than just that, but check out our server on December 1st to find out!

Thanks so much for all the support we've had over the last 8 months, and we're looking forward to the next few months with all it has to bring.
- Phil & Isa