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Hey all,
As you likely know, up to now the server has been quite buggy and laggy. Up to now, we've been actively fixing these, but we want to get you guys on a new server with all that stuff fixed.

When will this be happening?
We will be resetting the server on 28th June at:

00:00 (12AM) - CEST (France, Germany etc)
15:00 (3PM) - MST (Arizona etc)
17:00 (5PM) - Central Time USA (Texas etc)
18:00 (6PM) - Eastern Time (New York, New Jersey etc)
23:00 (11PM) - BST (United Kingdom)

What will and will not reset?
Will Reset - Will not reset
  • The factions database (all factions will be deleted)
  • The entire map
  • All player inventories
  • All timevaults
  • Enderchests
  • Ranks
  • Tags
Store Purchases
All one-off purchases will not transfer to season two, however any purchase such as a rank, kits(reusable ones, e.g. access to /kit saiyan) and so on will.
Engram purchases will not transfer.

Have a question?
If you have a general question, send me a PM, or ask us in the Support forum!

The leader of the top three factions on /ftop will get the following:

  1. $200 one-time-use Buycraft coupon code, $1,000,000IGM post-reset
  2. $100 one-time-use Buycraft coupon code, $500,000IGM post-reset
  3. $50 one-time-use Buycraft coupon code, $250,000IGM post-reset
Additionally, all officers* and leaders of these factions will get an exclusive FTOP tag next to their name that is separate from FOTM and will not appear again.

Thanks for all the support, and we look forward to seeing you in Season Two.

* Max of 10 officers per faction, more than this will require the faction leader to pick 10 officers