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IMPORTANT The Pirate Realm is here!


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Ahoy, mateys!
Get ready, it's time to set sail on our new Pirate Realm which has just dropped on TimelessReborn!
We've packed in a bunch of features, suggestions and changes to the server which we hope you'll enjoy, and you can find more about these by reading on!

-= What's New? =-
We've added a bunch of user requested features to the server, have a look:

Printer Mode
For the Hardcore players who love using Schematica to build your base, we've added Printer Mode to the server, which can be toggled with /printer - it allows you to automatically purchase blocks through Printer using our shop. You do not need a donor rank to do this, and it's something which will hopefully be beneficial for you when building your base!

Horizontal Gen-Buckets
This really was a heavily requested feature. We've added Horizontal Gen-Buckets for Cobblestone, Water & Obsidian which can be obtained through /shop for Tier I and Tier II genbuckets, or through /buy for Tier III genbuckets (More in What's Changed?)

Crop Hoppers
For efficiency, lag-free-ency and ease of installation, we've added Crop Hoppers which can be found in Common & Uncommon engrams and in /shop. These will automatically pick up any Cactus dropped nearby them. If you feel we should add more items to Crop Hoppers, or introduce Mob Hoppers (crop hoppers but for mob drops), let us know in our Discord or in the replies to this thread!

Faction Rules
We've outlined Faction rules in a more clear and easy-to-read manner. The current rules do still apply, however, these new rules also outline the expectations of factions.

Faction Strikes
We've added in Faction Strikes, as a way to have a systematic approach to dealing with rule violations for factions. See the Faction Rules thread for more information on what a Faction Strike is, and the consequences of getting them.

-= What's Changed? =-
So, we've added quite a lot, but what's not necessarily been added, but changed?

Generator Bucket System
We've added in a new system for GenBuckets. There is now three tiers of GenBuckets. Tier I buckets will place 32 blocks to the East of whatever the block is. Tier II buckets will place 48, and Tier III will place 48 at 2/3 the price of Tier I. You no longer need to buy Genbuckets from the store for every single wall you place, as you now only need to purchase them ($1000 each or $1.50 on store for Tier III) once, and then pay for every time you use them (price varies based on the block being placed, typically the price of one multiplied by 32).

Refined Anticheat
The Anticheat on the server has been completely recalibrated and reconfigured, taking new factors such as proximity to our datacenter in the UK, ping to the datacenter, server TPS & other factors into consideration, along with being able to differentiate between breathing and cheating, which it didn't seem to be able to do previously.

Tab List & Nametags
We've decided to standardise the nametags and tablist, so that it doesn't look disgustingly hideous every time you press tab. The list is now properly ordered, and structured with a clear and uniform labelling system. If you are in a faction, it will also show after your name on the tab list regardless of rank. This doesn't affect non-donors much for their own character, except for faction tags.

We've refreshed the contents of the CarePackages to be more fun, have a chance of having new items etc. in them and not be as dull.

Engram Bugs
We've analysed and fixed the bugs found with Custom Enchants on Engrams, where they can be allocated to the wrong item and have a... 'special' success/destroy rate ratio.​