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Unban Appeal

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Ban ID: it just says my accounts be suspended doesnt give me an id
Minecraft Username: TeddyCAH
Reason for Ban: Hacked Clients // admitted
Why should you be unbanned?: I was being a foolish twat
Is there anything else you want to add? i feel extremely ridiculous after everything we did to be asking this of you , however may you release the ban in my account. Reasons for the up-lifting of the ban include me lying about X-Ray, i installed a texture pack purely to get the photo, Furthermore me and my friends did what we did as between there being limited PvP our base being raided and some glitches on the server, we lost our cool and just decided to be a big bag of dicks and mess with the server. We have realised since being banned Timeless is the only server we like and want to spend and extended length of time on. We are happy for you to wipe or pv's and money and start from scratch so between this and my pride , humiliation being sacrificed for your entertainment. Please may you lift the ban on me and my team we would be gratefully appreciative. I hope you can find it in you to give some immature dicks a second chance. Thanks for reading!


Staff Member
Staff member
I apologize but as of right now the punishments will stay as they are.
Not open for further replies.