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What we look for in staff members

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When we pick staff members, we look for quite a few factors.

We value our staff and love seeing how they grow and mature throughout their position, and we expect things of you too:
We expect that you can:
  • Read & Write fluently and at a high standard in English
    • This means using full and proper grammar,
    • knowing what to abbreviate,
    • different communication slangs, such as the difference between i.e. and e.g.
  • Whenever necessary, professionalism and maturity
    • We want you to goof around and have fun, as we don't take ourselves very seriously normally, however,
    • Only when it's appropriate, you need to know when to act mature
    • You shouldn't be using any staff powers for personal gain or non-staffing related matters
    • If accepted, you should never discriminate from one player to another. Such as, you shouldn't treat any of the below listed differently in a disciplinary matter
      • A faction member in your own faction
      • A faction member in an enemy faction
      • Someone who you like
      • Someone who you dislike
  • Know when and what should be shared through what medium
    • Should a matter be confidential in any way shape or form, it should never be disclosed publicly
      • We have in-game staff chat (if you are accepted it will be covered in our training on how this works),
      • A discord staff room; and
      • The direct messages of the management team are always open to all players, especially staff members
    • Anything that is shared to you as a staff member shouldn't be put into the public without prior permission or without it being obvious
      public knowledge.
We also expect staff applications to be professionally structured, use full grammar, get into detail - especially in the what you are and aren't good at, we want to know who you are and what type of person you are.

If you think you can do all of this, please do submit an application - we'd love to have you on our team!
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Hey so the reason i would like to apply for staff is because i always have free time and really like this server i think i would make a great addition into the team and friendly and nice im supportive and really goofy and i wanna act mature im very mature i dont really got anything else to say buy im a very good builder and im fluent in my english reading and writing
I have no excellent reason to join / to be accepted, but here goes nothing..
I have moderate experience on servers, im not gonna lie and say i own bla bla bla. Though i worked as a builder in Kalmarcraft, ZionCraft, and ran my own server 2 times. My specialities are Redstone, Command Blocks, Building, Management.
Attributes: I have a lot of free time every day, I LOVE FACTIONS, I miss timeless so if there is gonna be a replica / revival i want it to be Gud. Im also mostly trying to have fun in every bad situation and optimistic. Known to be able to finish tasks and stuff like that in a swift manner. Im gonna try to link a few of my builds.

Build i could not link:



I've submitted my applications week ago and had a reply from Isabella, she said to me after the reply she will follow my application up to staff who manage applications and still no recent reply.
Hello I would love to be a staff member and help out. Factioins is one of my favorite games and If I helped I would always I mean ALWAYS stay active. If anybody is breaking the rules, you can count on me.


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Hello I would love to be a staff member and help out. Factioins is one of my favorite games and If I helped I would always I mean ALWAYS stay active. If anybody is breaking the rules, you can count on me.
we're very glad to hear that you're interested in becoming a Timeless Reborn staff member! Be sure to follow the format below (you may copy and paste it), and submit it here:

We wish you the best of luck :)

Name(what you are known as):

In-game name:

Discord name and discriminator (Dwaef#0080):

Where abouts are you geographically(East Coast USA, United Kingdom etc):

Why do you want to join our staff team?

What are things you think you're good at?

What are things you think you're not that good at(but might be working on)?

Tell us more about you- who are you, what are your interests, what do you do outside of Minecraft such as at school or sports

Is there anything else you'd like to tell us?
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